stephanie brisendine




Currently in the bay area 🌁
Product designer at Uber

skills I believe in

I’m a bit of a jane-of-all-trades. Originally from a fine arts background, over the years I’ve explored a large part of the digital design domain. I enjoy adapting to new innovations and practices, but these are some of the core skills I intend on keeping.

Interaction & UX Design0

Prototyping & Front-End Dev0

New Media and Animation0

Identity Design0

a little about me

Right now I’m helping Uber strengthen their partnerships with cities via Uber Movement.


Previously I was disrupting the healthcare industry alongside an amazing startup team in Dallas, Texas.


Before that I was teaching English in Shizuoka-ken, Japan. For more on this, you can peek into my mind via my journal.


Before Japan, the ArtSciLab was my second home, a STEAM-focused research lab at UT Dallas.  I worked under Roger Malina, and was the creative director of Creative Disturbance, a multilingual, international podcast project created by our team. We successfully funded Creative Disturbance on Kickstarter over $20k.


I helped co-found UT Dallas’ first User Experience Organization and was VP and President for the first year. I initiated a relationship with the Big Design Conference in Dallas, (check out our sketchnote mission) as well as gained sponsorships and campaigned for student engagement.

feelin’ my vibes?

Well you can either contact me via computer or maybe I’ll see your face at a nearby coffee shop while I’m sipping on a delicious chai tea latte.

If you haven’t made up your mind after 5-6 seconds, you should probably just check out my portfolio.