Case study: Redesigning Coinbase



Problem statement:

The average user finds the concept of cryptocurrency to be complicated, suspicious, or purely for the 2% of the population who is nerdy enough to read the whitepapers or rich enough to play with the market. But what happens when crypto becomes our future currency and no one actually understands it? The current industry leader, Coinbase, is suffering due to poor infrastructure – buckling under exponential usage – and worse customer service. As they continue to expand, I believe it’s their responsibility to improve their product in anticipation of universal adoption. With this, I also believe they will need to build a strong layer of education about cryptocurrency and supportive communities (focused on less jargon and more support) into their experience so anyone can create an account and buy/sell/trade/use crypto whenever they need to.




The Solution:

To explore what a crypto wallet for the masses would look like.


  • Educate: Clear tutorials on how to buy/sell/use/trade coins
  • Build trust: Support forums and communities available for average users
  • Transparency is key: Less jargon, more education, definitions, explanations, clear language
  • User-Friendly: Simple UI and navigation and easy-to-understand data visualization


See this project on Behance. 








May 27, 2018


identity, product, user experience, visual design