Mission Sketchnote: Dallas Big Design 2014

Sketchnote (v., n.)

to purposefully doodle or draw a concept visually via text, shapes, connectors, icons, and other imagery. A sketch note is usually created while listening to or observing a talk, lecture, or presentation. Other forms: sketchnoting, sketch noted




Brian Sullivan – organizer of the Dallas Big Design Conference, one of my mentors, and overall bada** – tasked me and the UTD UX Club to sketchnote every talk at the conference this year.


Excited to break out my moleskins and pens, I organized and spearheaded my team of talented students through the three-day conference. Here are some of my sketchnotes:


tools of the trade:  sketchpad, moleskin, sharpie pen, copic markers, and a regular ballpoint pen



Ken Tabor Burin Philip Likens Lacey Kruger paminthelab Bart Weiss Brian Cope - Matt Johnson Brad Nunnally Alan Baumgerten - Ben Judy Phil Tippet